While it’s only been just over a week, there is no denying the NBA bubble has produced quite a bit of drama. From players being forced to re-quarantine after laughable gaffs to excused absences, there have been plenty of reasons to stay on your toes. The league is officially back on July 30th and the players are excited to finally get back on the court for some competitive games. In fact, teams are already engaged in scrimmages that have been quite entertaining.

One of the teams people are looking out for is the New Orleans Pelicans who boast the talents of Zion Williamson. Recently, Williamson had to leave the bubble to tend to family matters, and now, he’s back in Orlando. According to ESPN reporter Andrew Lopez, his return doesn’t necessarily mean he will be back on the court come next week. While he does have to quarantine for at least four days, it seems like his opening day status isn’t confirmed.

This is bad news for Pelicans fans, especially since the team is in the thick of the playoff hunt. Williamson has helped keep the team in contention and without him in the lineup, they could be at a disadvantage.

With this latest information in mind, stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.