Prior to the Coronavirus-induced NBA shutdown, Zion Williamson was proving himself to be a magnificent force in the NBA. In just a few short games, Williamson was posterizing players and looking like the next face of the league. Unfortunately, that was all put on pause as soon as Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. Now, however, the NBA is roaring its way towards a comeback at the end of the month, and Zion will be one of the players heading back to the court.

In recent images, it was apparent that Zion had bulked up in terms of muscle, and was looking way more fit then he was before. Players and fans immediately took notice, and in the clip below, it looks like his training is paying off on the court. As you can see, Zion has been nothing short of dominant in Pelicans’ practice. Needless to say, he looks like he is more than ready for the season to resume.

If you’re a Pelicans fan this latest clip should certainly excite you. While the team is outside of a playoff spot, they definitely have a great chance of sneaking their way in, and perhaps securing a first-round matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers.

We can only dream.