There is wisdom in the slime. Not only has Young Thug established himself as one of the game’s most dynamic musical innovators, but one with a savvy grasp on the street code aspect of hip-hop culture. It’s not uncommon to see him holding his own in a confrontation, often threatening to take things to a violent level if provoked. Don’t let the dress fool you — by his own admission, he’s simply donning it to hide the stick.

Young Thug T.I. 2Pac

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

In any case, Thugger’s propensity for keeping it real has made him a respected figure to his peers. As per usual, the idiom of real recognize real holds true. It’s no surprise that Thug found himself moved by words attributed to 2Pac Shakur, one of the most influential figures in hip-hop history. “Just cause you lost me as a friend, don’t mean you gain me as an enemy,” says Thug, echoing a quote attributed to the late Pac. “I still want to see you eat, n***a. Just not at my table.”

T.I, who collaborated with Thug on “The Weekend,” and 2Pac posthumously on “Changed Man,” took to Instagram to reinforce the words. “Eat til u FULL Young Bull,” captions Tip. “Just not at MY Table..” It goes to show how many rappers have developed principles and philosophies on the foundation that Pac laid; even those who weren’t around to see the triumphant Shakur run unfolding in real-time can still reap the benefits of his brief but impactful tenure in the game. Check out Thugger’s reminder below — do you think this quote still holds relevancy in today’s climate?