James Harden’s welcoming party to the NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida was not all positive. While fans of the sharp-shooter are excited to see him back with the Houston Rockets, his choice of attire was definitely that… a choice.

The official Rockets’ social media team posted a picture of the All-Star upon his arrival in Florida, wearing a mask over his face that was designed to show support for the police force. It is popular among “Blue Lives Matter” folks.

The backlash has been pretty wild with people claiming they will never go to a Houston basketball game again, asking for a prompt apology from the team and Harden himself. Given the times we’re currently navigating, the post was pretty insensitive.

At least one person is sticking up for Harden though. Young Thug took to Twitter to reveal his opinion on what happened, defending his friend.

“Just so u know James harden is my bread,” said Thugger. “Btw he don’t have internet so he obviously don’t know what’s right or wrong if he posted something that’s against US…but I hate when rappers get in n***as biz like it’s can’t happen to em buster let n***as clear they shit up activist.”

What do you think about James Harden’s Blue Lives Matter mask? Was it an innocent mistake as Young Thug claims?