Over two years have passed since the tragic murder of rapper XXXTentacion and, to this day, there is still new information coming out about what led to his death.

A new book written by Jonathan Reiss called Look at Me! The XXXTENTACION Story has been released and, in it, the author dives deep into the short life and career of one of the most influential artists of our time. As you likely know, X’s life was cut short after he was senselessly gunned down while leaving a motorsports shop. The killing happened in broad daylight when his murderers blocked the road and pulled up on his car, a BMW i8. Apparently, that same luxury car was spotted on several different occasions by Dedrick Williams, one of the men accused of the murder, which leads Reiss to claim that the killing was pre-meditated.

As reported by HipHopDX, Chapter 24 of the book explains how Dedrick Williams had been in the same building as XXXTentacion back in January 2018, several months prior to the shooting. X was checking in with his probation officer over home invasion charges. Williams was also on probation for drug charges. According to Reiss, Williams spotted the flashy i8 in the parking lot and made a mental note of it.

Broward Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images — Dedrick D. Williams poses for his mugshot 

“On June 18, Williams allegedly spotted X’s car again at a Bank of America branch near Riva Motorsports,” says Reiss. “Williams allegedly then called the other three perpetrators, who, according to investigators, were driving around looking for someone to rob.”

Riva Motorsports is the shop that X was at before he was gunned down.

“Ostensibly, the reason why the two culprits walked inside Riva is because they were sent to go check and make sure it was actually X,” writes the author. “In the end, it seems they shot him simply because he had made trouble with them and wouldn’t give up the bag [of money] when they asked.”

The book goes way more in detail about the beginning and end of XXXTentacion’s life. Pick up a copy here.