There have been longstanding rumors about Wendy Williams‘s ex-husband Kevin Hunter having a lovechild, and the talk show host may have slyly confirmed the gossip. After enjoying a marriage that lasted over 20 years, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter began divorce proceedings in 2019. Headlines were littered with rumors that┬áKevin was not only having an affair, but he welcomed a child with his mistress. There were photos that floated through social media showing Hunter with his alleged girlfriend, but no one┬áhas come forward to confirm the information.

Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter, Babies, IG
Robin Marchant / Stringer / Getty Images

After spending time in a sober living facility early last year, Wendy Williams took time away from her talk show to get her home life in order. After a minor conflict between her son and Hunter, it seems that Wendy is back on track. Known for her shady comments, Wendy may have targeted her ex on Instagram. She shared a photo of herself donning a face mask while holding a baby.

“Look @ me with my baby girl. I’m not the only Hunter with a baby situation,” she penned in the caption. She was cradling Baby Joyous, the daughter of her friend Raquel Harper. Check out Wendy shading her ex-husband in her IG post below.