Another surprise revelation occurred on tonight’s (October 28) episode of The Masked Singer. The singing competition series hosts a bevvy of celebrity guest stars who veil their identities under outrageous costumes, and tonight’s elimination was none other than Wendy Williams as “The Lips.” The shock-jock talk show host shared with her social media followers that she’ll return to dish all the dirt about her experience on The Wendy Show, but she did share with Us Weekly that the entire encounter was an emotional one.

“There were tears at night because this is something scary that I normally wouldn’t do and I couldn’t really talk to anyone,” the 56-year-old shared. “My parents would call me, and I couldn’t pick up or anything. I think they thought I fled the country or something. It was all so emotional that it really hit me at night!”

She admitted that she’s not a good singer at all, and even while she performed, she would laugh after every line, something she believed gave her identity away.  “I was really filled with joy though. Nick Cannon knew right away,” she added. “When we sat down, he said, ‘I’m not going to say anything, but I know who you are right away!’ And he said he couldn’t believe I pulled this off! I had no idea he would be wearing those red sparkly shoes that matched my lips costume.” Check out her exit interview with The Masked Singer below and snippet of her performance above.