The simple power of magic, or illusions as some picky magicians might contest, is unique in that it can be enjoyed by all walks of life. For the very enjoyment stems from the unknown, where one’s conscious mind is challenged to look beyond one’s understanding. We know that it’s not real, and yet, the questions remain. Tsu Surf, who has worked his own brand of magic in many a rap battle, recently found himself faced with the handiwork of a young craftsman, who left him utterly and completely bamboozled during an IG Live session.

TSU Surf

 Aaron J. Thornton/WireImage/Getty Images

Joined by fellow emcee Jaz The Rapper, Tsu found himself entertained by a young magician carrying the IG handle of Milaadkmagic. At first, he boy invites Surf to ponder a four-digit number, which the rapper proceeds to voice aloud. Next is a second number, this time three digits. The magician then goes on to multiply the first by the second, but not before mentally calculating the total number — an accomplishment that leaves Surf and Jaz utterly bamboozled.

But it doesn’t end there. The young magician goes on to pull the metaphorical rapper from his hat, only this time said rabbit is a paper. A paper that had predicted Surf’s final number long before the first two were ever selected. The reveal is enough to leave his companions shaken to the core, eager to leave lest a further spell be cast upon them. Ah, magic, that old timeless art. Check out the hilarious clip below.