Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion went on and released one of the most controversial songs and videos in recent rap history, getting picked up by politicians who are “worried” about the youth who could be influenced by their music.

We’ve seen Ben Shapiro recite the lyrics in cringe-worthy fashion and we’ve also seen a few Congressmen speak about the track.

Responding to all of the controversy, Cardi B asked her critics to check out some female rappers that have been even more raunchy in the past, naming Trina, Khia, and Jacki-O as just a few of the Florida rappers that paved the way for her to talk this explicitly. That was enough for the world to remember some of their craziest songs, ending with Trina becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

Trina said ‘I’ll fuck him in the living room while his children home I make him eat it while my period on’ Wap is mid compared to that,” wrote one user. “We literally grew up with Oochie Wally, My Neck my back, Trina, Whisper Song, Tip Drill, Pussy Popping, Disco Inferno, the entire 2LiveCrew catalog but Wap is where the line is finally drawn,” said another.

Who else would love to see a Trina collaboration on Cardi B’s sophomore album?