Travis Scott fans… Kid Cudi fans… rejoice! The pair of rappers have just confirmed that they are indeed working on a collaborative album.

Following much speculation that they had more music in the stash following the release of their #1 single “THE SCOTTS,” which featured them forming the two-man group of the same name and selling new merch to coincide with the drop, Travis Scott has just told the world to be on the lookout for a complete album from them.

During his new interview with GQ, Travis spoke on a number of things happening in his career, including a song in the eternally-delayed Christopher Nolan film Tenet and more. Near the end of the piece, the interviewer is blessed to listen to another song from Travis and Kid Cudi, which he describes as the coolest thing he’s heard while hanging with the rapper.

“I think with this next project I’m just embodying all of the knowledge I’ve taken in and trying to make the best form of it,” said La Flame about his next solo full-length project before hopping into his collaborative piece with Cudder.

He was apparently reluctant to give up too much information, other than this tidbit, which fans will find amusing. “Man, a lot. Some fireness!” he said about how much they’ve already got in store. 

I know I can’t wait for this to arrive. Are you getting hyped?