Tom Brady is easily the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL, and most fans would agree with that, even if your team was on the wrong side of a Patriots rivalry. While he may not have been the most talented player, he was always the most tenacious, and he knew how to claw out a win when it mattered. This mindset was able to bring Brady to six Super Bowl victories and an additional three appearances. Now, Brady has moved on from the New England Patriots and is about to embark on the last stretch of his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady has been hard at work at the team’s training camp, and fans are excited to see what he will look like come September. If you’re a fan of Brady’s, then you are aware that he hasn’t always been the most athletic quarterback. He struggles to run when forced out of the pocket, and it’s been something he’s always wanted to improve upon. In his latest IG post, Brady directly made fun of his lack of athleticism, with the caption: “Year of the mobile quarterback…”

As it stands, some of the best quarterbacks in the league are Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, who are incredibly gifted when being forced outside of the pocket. These quarterbacks have ushered in a new era of the position and in some ways, Brady has been left behind, especially at 42 years old.

Perhaps Brady’s new team will push him to become a bit more versatile behind the center.