With the ongoing pandemic making live music as we know it all but impossible, artists have been forced to seek creative solutions. We’ve already seen Travis Scott‘s groundbreaking performances on Fortnite, opening the door for all matter of digital exploration. Now, fellow innovator The Weeknd has decided to try his hand at something new, teaming up with TikTok and Wave to bring forth “The Weeknd Experience,” an event set to take place on Friday, August 7th at 5:30 PST / 8:30 EST.

The Weeknd Experience

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Billed as an “innovative and interactive music experience,” The Weeknd’s event will find him appearing as a “digital avatar” and performing songs from his bestselling album After Hours. Fans will be granted the ability to respond in real-time, all the while being immersed in a slew of 3D visuals — expect a hallucinogenic aesthetic befitting of his music. Should you be interested in attending the event, you can RSVP right here

There’s also set to be a charitable component, with funds from the event’s exclusive merchandise going to the Equal Justice Initiative; TikTok will also be matching the EJI’s donation. All in all, it sounds like an interesting alternative to a traditional live concert experience, if only for the visual innovations taking place. Perhaps The Weekend Experience will kick off a pattern of sorts, especially if touring continues to be an impossibility in the foreseeable future.

Will you be checking this out?