The last time Tekashi 6ix9ine went to Los Angeles, it wasn’t all smiles for him. The rapper got into a scuffle at the airport and received lots of threatening messages from rival gang members, including from YG and The Game. Hopefully, things turn out better this time.

We’re not sure what 6ix9ine is doing in LA but he’s here and he’s already living pretty recklessly.

Even his closest friends, like DJ Akademiks, have advised the troll to stay off of the streets. That didn’t resonate with him though as he has been spending each and every day outside with fans, taunting his haters in Brooklyn. Now, he’s taking his recklessness to a new city.

“OUTSIDE IN LOS ANGELES JUST LIVIN LIFE IN SANDALS,” wrote the rapper, parading around the Santa Monica Pier and attracting lots of attention with his dozen security guards surrounding him. For the most part, people look starstruck by Tekashi, taking pictures and calling out his name. There are definitely people wishing ill on him though, and they’re likely more of a danger than he can imagine.

We’re sure he will be documenting his trip to Los Angeles in the coming days. There’s a chance he even ends up moving to California, taking his lawyer’s advice and getting out of Brooklyn forever.