Last week, Tahiry and Vado‘s relationship took center stage on Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition. The childhood friends revealed on the show that they were taking a chance on love to see if there was more in the cards for them, but they’ve also shared they’ve been running into a few problems. During an argument, Tahiry became angry and pelted Vado with two apples. Later, during a group session, Tahiry was speaking about the incident before Vado jumped up and grabbed her by the collar. The public criticized Vado and accused him of domestic violence, and since that time, both the rapper and the model have come forward with brief statements about their viral television moment.

Tahiry, Vado, Marriage Boot Camp
Brad Barket / Stringer / Getty Images

On Thursday (August 6), Tahiry returned to Instagram with another clip from the reality show. In it, she tearfully recounts the abuse she’s endured from her past relationships and how she still has the physical effects of those beatings. “I’ve definitely been reading through all of your comments, thoughts, and opinions on what happened during last weeks episode,” she wrote in the caption.

“A lot of people feel a lot of different ways, and I understand that. I’ve spent this time gathering my thoughts so that when I do speak on it very soon I can do so from a place of healing, and not emotions,” Tahiry added. “THANK YOU to everybody that’s been sending me so much love! I truly appreciate it!” Check out her post below.