There are just certain things that you’ll always ask yourself: “Why is this person sharing this to social media?” This was one of those moments.

Obviously, food photos on Instagram are pretty popular. There are entire pages dedicated to food. We all eat it… it makes sense. Wendy Williams‘ breakfast would likely not cut it on even the most abysmal food pages on the internet though.

Showing off her meal, which included the runniest looking scrambled eggs you can imagine with cheese and chicken sausage, Wendy proudly said that she enjoyed the meal. Some people are wondering how she could possibly have reveled in chowing down on this though. Maybe it tasted better than it looked?

“‘Enjoyed’?” asked T.I. in the comments, echoing what many were saying after her breakfast got reposted to The Shade Room. “It’s the plate for me,” exclaimed another person. “Eggs look like applesauce,” said one user. “Those are not eggs,” disagreed another popular commenter.

With everybody bashing her meal, Wendy is probably rethinking if she should ever show off her breakfast, lunch, or dinner on Instagram again. 

Some people are even saying that jail food looks better than this. While that’s definitely harsh, it begs the question. Would you eat a Wendy Williams-cooked meal that looked like this?