Her body was discovered back on July 13, but information about the death of Susie Zhao has only begun to circulate now. The FBI is reportedly investigating the bizarre circumstances surrounding the professional poker player’s death. According to Deadline, Zhao was one of only a handful of women to be featured on World Poker Tour, a tournament broadcasted on Fox Sports Net.

Zhao’s remains were reportedly found in a park on the outskirts of Detroit and police stated that her body was “badly burned.” TMZ reports that it took investigators a week to identify the remains. A detective said during a press conference on Friday, “We started looking into her past history over the course of the last few days before her death. At that point, we determined that we wanted the assistance of the FBI to assist us with some of their technology. Even if you think it’s something minute, we’ll take any calls.”

“We’re looking into every lead, every possibility,” the detective added. “Obviously when you’re dealing with that type of profession you have potential of owing debt, and those are things that we’re looking into.” The poker player’s friends have taken to social media to memorialize her with fond memories as investigators attempt to piece together how her life came to such a gruesome end.