It doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that COVID-19 has caused many people to question the motives of governments worldwide—however, it seems that America has taken center stage. Recently, a woman named Dr. Stella Immanuel has captured the attention of social media after President Trump retweeted a quote from her. In it, the doctor claims that COVID-19 already has a cure and in an interview, Dr. Immanuel has stated she has been treating and curing patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and zithromax. Trump’s tweet was taken down, but it didn’t go unnoticed by Summer Walker who shared a few of her thoughts about government motives.

“Disclaimer: you don’t have to believe Dr. Stella Immanuel or Trump about what they think is apart of a the cure but you should believe that your govt is trying to kill you,” Summer Walker wrote over on Instagram. “There isn’t a disease they don’t already have a cure to, it just benefits them financially to sell you pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and sometimes unnecessary surgical procedures.”

“Also I am not a Trump supporter or a supporter of any politition, politics is a game, a puppet show, everyone is pretty much crooked,” the singer added. “Just if I see something I wanna speak on, then I do.” Later, when writing about Trump, Summer stated, “He said it months ago (prolly why he never wears a mask) & this amazing doctor stood w other doctors to spread this message as well about hydroxychloroquine. but it’s just being censored.”

Then, she reiterated that the government is “trying to kill you, scare you & feed off your negative energy.” This all comes weeks after Trump liked a tweet about Summer’s recently released Life on Earth EP. Swipe through to check out her posts below.