LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were back on the basketball court last night as they took on the Los Angeles Clippers in what was an important rivalry game. In the end, the Lakers came out on top and defeated the Clippers by a score of 103-101. LeBron struggled for the first few quarters of the match although he ultimately came back and redeemed himself as he scored the game-winning basket while also effectuating some lockdown defense on the likes of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

This morning on Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe commemorated this joyous occasion by bringing back his infamous GOAT James character. In the clip below, Sharpe is wearing a GOAT mask with a surgical mask over the snout. It was a pretty hilarious scene that had Skip reaching for his own mask, to use as a blindfold. Sharpe is a big LeBron fan and Skip typically hates, especially since he’s historically been a LeBron detractor.

While LeBron clearly didn’t have his best game, it’s hard for anyone to deny, even Bayless, that the Lakers are for real this year. They are first place in the Western Conference and continue to beat some of the best teams in the league. If they can continue this momentum, there is no telling what they will be able to do in the playoffs.