It came to a shock to many when Kim Kardashian advocated for C-Murder’s release earlier this week but things took a turn shortly after. Master P aired out his frustrations over C-Murder’s situation, especially since it has been the Miller family, specifically, who’ve been calling for his release for nearly two decades. It resulted in a brief back-and-forth with Monica, though Master P later apologized and acknowledged that it was family issues that needed to be resolved.

Romeo Miller has since chimed in on the situation, sharing the video his father posted to his IG story with a message of his own. Reflecting on the bigger issue at hand, Romeo emphasized the importance of speaking your truth because the industry will “try to kill you literally or your character.”

“This situation has torn a family apart and it’s because the world won’t let brothers be brothers. No family is perfect but nobody on this planet love my family more than my family! Nobody on this planet (other than his kids) love my uncle more than my dad and thats facts,” he wrote.

Ultimately, Romeo made it clear that regardless of whatever’s happening with his family, the most important part for them is weathering this storm and getting an innocent man out of prison. Check out the post below.