Another day, another hashtag that’s been created about President Donald Trump. On Monday (August 17), detractors took aim at Trump by engaging in the “#DivorceTrump” hashtag that permeated social media. Video clips of First Lady Melania Trump were shared, showing moments where she publicly shirked away from her husband or looked unhappy in his presence. Joining in on the jeering was pop star Rihanna who took to Instagram to drop off a post about the forthcoming election.

As fans await for the Savage x Fenty mogul to share any news whatsoever about her pending album, Rihanna has been spending her time urging the American public to exercise their right to vote. The singer is on the 2020 Election countdown and shared a video of Trump and Melania exiting the Air Force One. In the heavily-circulated clip, Trump attempts to hold Melania’s hand but it looks as if she’s pulling her arm away from him. The scene is overlayed with Rihanna’s 2016 hit single “Needed Me.”

“Melania likes art. 🤷🏿‍♀️ #78days,” Rihanna wrote in the caption. It was a reference to her previous social media post that showed her next to her graffiti art that reads “F*ck Trump.” Check it out below.