Michael Jordan is highly-regarded as the best player to ever step on a basketball court and for good reason. He is also still incredibly culturally relevant, especially after the airing of the popular ESPN documentary called “The Last Dance.” In the immediate aftermath of the “The Last Dance,” numerous Jordan-related items started to hit the auction market and some pieces of memorabilia have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago, Stadium Goods and Christie’s put on an auction that aimed to sell off some game-worn shoes.

One of those shoes was the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1 that was dubbed “Shattered Backboard” after MJ broke the glass in an exhibition game overseas. The pair of shoes actually has some glass embedded into them which makes them all that much more historical and valuable. In fact, one collector was so into them that they shelled out $615,000 with the winning bid. It’s a massive price to pay, but when you have that kind of money, what else are you going to spend it on?

The entire collection that was up for auction went for over $900,000 which just goes to show that these shoes are truly unique. Albeit, they certainly make a dent in your wallet.

Image via Christie’s