PnB Rock and Rod Wave aren’t done firing shots at each other. Over the past few days, the two artists have had a bit of a back-and-forth after PnB Rock joked that the new music coming out these days makes him feel depressed. Many believed this was a shot at Rod Wave who unleashed a scathing response including a warning to PnB Rock on his next trip to Florida. “I know you rap n***as love to come to Florida, n***a. From Pensacola to Miami, n***a, a n***a gon’ make it rough for you,” Wave said.

PnB Rock unleashes his own rant upon hearing the latest comments from Rod Wave. As the Florida rapper explained that he made music for the trenches, the Philadelphia rapper claimed Rod Wave essentially jocked his style. “I ain’t say nothing about the n***a that’s making music for the trenches. The n***a that’s for the hood. N***a, I do that, dickhead,” PnB Rock said. “Rod Wave is my fuckin’ son. He makin’ the same music as me. Singing, trappin’, rappin’ — I did that. I’m the one who started it,” he added before acknowledging Drake‘s influence.

“I did that. Put that shit in your fuckin’ brain and slap it in your fuckin’ mind, pussy, ’cause you fuckin’ my son,” he added. PnB Rock added that he can’t help if Rod Wave felt it was a personal attack since he never mentioned any names. Check out the full meltdown rant below.