One of the most unlikely R&B beefs we’ve seen in a while came courtesy of O.T. Genasis and Keyshia Cole. The Long Beach rapper is a tremendous fan of the genre, so he decided it was time for him to dabble in a new venue and try his hand at singing. Thus, “Never Knew” was born, a song that heavily sampled Keyshia Cole’s classic, “Love.” The off-key offering was a favorite among the rapper’s fans, but it didn’t seem as if Keyshia appreciated hearing her song chopped and screwed—especially without her permission or a heads up

OT Genasis, Keyshia Cole, Complex
Carmen Mandato / Stringer / Getty Images

Soon, social media exchanges were made, indirectly, of course, and an R&B back-and-forth-beef quickly developed. However, things went silent from either camp, and now O.T. is back with an explanation about how he ended his argument with the Bay Area singer. “I’m actually a fan of Keyshia Cole. It just turned into…I guess I got caught up in my old ways,” O.T. told Complex News. “‘Cause it’s like, when you do something out of love and then somebody you looked up to… somebody look at you like…it’s like ‘Damn, I didn’t even know it was like that.'”

O.T. Genasis regrets how things unfolded and made sure to make things right. “I reached out to her and I apologized. You know, the way that it went, [going] as far as I [did], I just send a prayer to her.” He said it was important for him to do that on a personal level because he wanted to make sure his sincerity was felt, and he added that she accepted his apology. The rapper also said that his next album will come out in August and it will be a “little bit of ” rap and R&B.