Memphis rapper NLE Choppa sparked a conversation on social media after he sent off a series of tweets about women respecting themselves. The 17-year-old rising rapper recently shared his thoughts about Kanye West’s Harriet Tubman tweets, and now he’s returned with some advice about women who reveal too much of themselves on social media.

 NLE Choppa, Twitter, Women
Marcus Ingram / Stringer / Getty Images

“Make sure yo daughter know how to dress so she won’t attract the wrong type of n*ggas,” NLE Choppa tweeted. “My daughter ain’t gone be on Social media showing how fat her ass or how fat her p*ssy is. Make sure she learn self respect. Imma teach her that she ain’t gotta wear attention seeking clothes just to feel beautiful.”

The young father added, “Make sure she know them hoes ain’t her friend. They just gone wanna use you for watt you can do for them. Teach her how to be a boss, how to carry herself to a standard so high that nobody will be able to tear her down. Cus I refuse to raise a hoe. Show the world how to raise u.”

The remarks caused his fans to debate a few things out in his comments, and unsurprisingly, many women disagreed with his statements. However, there were others who agreed with NLE Choppa and vocalized their support. Check out a few tweets below.