One of the first places that Tekashi 6ix9ine visited upon landing in Los Angeles was Nipsey Hussle‘s mural, painted in the late rapper’s neighborhood. He planned out a photo-op so that he could “pay his respects” to the legendary figure but really, his antics were incredibly disrespectful. He was called out by The Game and Reason for daring to go to Nip’s mural. He was also exposed for only being there for approximately two minutes before being ushered out by police vehicles.

It looks like his trip to the mural ended up paying off, as least in the way that 6ix9ine likely hoped it would, because one of Nipsey Hussle’s main men has just taken the bait, calling out the rapper and giving him another address to pull up at.

Nip’s former bodyguard J-Roc, one of the closest people to him while he was alive, posted a since-deleted message on his Instagram page, dropping a rat trap for 6ix9ine.

“@6ix9ine come pay your respect here for Nip, this one of his landmarks as well,” wrote J-Roc before writing in the address that he was likely staying at.

While this can certainly be seen as a threat, J-Roc was smart in taking down the post. However, it lives on as nothing is ever truly gone from the internet.