Youngboy Never Broke Again didn’t even need to be mentioned in this tweet to know that it was about him. 

You know what they say… if the shoe fits, wear it. NBA Youngboy realized that his name was being dragged without even being @’ed in a tweet that has been going around, clapping back in his own way.

Megan Thee Stallion is literally a college student on a mission to save the planet while promoting girl power and yall mad bout her lyrics when it’s 20 yo rappers with 8 kids and STDs that rap about eating cereal bowls of percs, but of course the black woman is the bad example,” wrote one Twitter user, catching the attention of said 20-year-old rapper who has a handful of children and has admitted to having herpes.

NBA Youngboy snapped back: “Bitch the world need to stop.” After the post was deleted, he left us with some more game. “Pussy ass hoes don’t even be knowing me I ain’t yo example bitch play with you daddy,” he wrote.

For what it’s worth, the person subtweeting NBA Youngboy actually has a decent point. Maybe singling out one rapper was a bit harsh but we do need to keep the same energy for male rappers as when we’re speaking about the female rappers, like right now with Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and “WAP.”