Nas is proud to be a Black man. He’s shouting it from the rooftops in his new song “Ultra Black.” With a new album on the way, the legendary rapper released the new song last night to ease up into his third full-length in as many years. If you listened carefully, or even not too intently, you likely heard that he came after one of the genre’s rising stars, Doja Cat, addressing her self-hatred controversy in his lyrics.

You’ll recall people trying to cancel Doja Cat because of her previous comments about the texture of her hair, as well as her presence in alt-right “incel” type chatrooms. She has been targeted by several main characters in hip-hop but this is probably the lowest she’ll get as one of the greats has just about dissed her for struggling to accept her identity as a Black woman.

In his lyrics, Nas calls out Doja, saying: “We goin’ ultra black, unapologetically black/The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson black.”

Do you think this was meant as a diss or simply an observation on the actual pigmentation of her skin? The inclusion of Michael Blackson’s name directly after muddies that up but still, she can’t be happy to be used as an example in a Nas song.

The Hit-Boy collaboration is out now ahead of the album release on August 21.