Milano du Rouge, also known as Milan Harris, is so much more than just Meek Mill’s baby mama. She’s an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, a hairstylist, a mother, and much more. To say that she’s simply a rapper’s baby mama is disrespectful and she will be the first to check someone who comes for her with that.

Clapping back at somebody in her comments claiming that that’s all she is and that she should have been more, like a wife, Milan dropped some bombs on her hater.

“The only thing I am is a babymama? Hmmm check my credentials sweetie!!” said Milan. “And once you do, don’t ever discredit me again. And even if I was just a ‘babymama’ what’s sad about that? Do you say it’s sad that your mom, aunts, or cousins are just baby mamas? Then why tf you feel it’s okay to say it about me.”

While Milan certainly didn’t need to bring the commenter’s family into it, she has a point. Just because she’s in the public eye, does not mean she should need to face such harsh criticism. 

“Y’all be tripping and letting this internet shit program y’all,” she continued. “Next time you at your family reunion tell which ever family members that have babies and not married that that’s sad. Keep that same energy for your family sis.”