Breakup or no breakup, Meek Mill will support his children’s mothers. It’s unclear how long he was in a relationship with his most recent girlfriend Milan Harris, but rumors about their romance were in the blogs for quite some time. The pair kept their relationship private but sent hints that they were together, and then they announced that they were expecting their first child. In early May, Milan Harris gave birth to their son, but just a week ago, Meek Mill shared with the world that he was now a single man.

Meek Mill, Milan Harris, Breakup
Tasos Katopodis / Stringer / Getty Images

Since that time, Milan has sent out a couple of subliminal shots about not crying over breakups as she’s posted her fitness goals. While the two haven’t directly addressed each other, Meek returned¬†once again with an undercover Milan mention, this time showing his support for the mothers of his children. An Instagram account shared a meme that stated, “Idk Why My Bm Arguing With N*ggas & Telling N*ggas Do You Know Who My Babyfather Is I Am Not Riding For You Sis.”

In the comment section, Meek¬†wrote, “I’m riding for mines.” There were some people who made fun of the rapper for his brief remark, but no matter what, Meek is going to support the women who birthed his children. Check out the post below.