Kim Kardashian made a major announcement yesterday when she took to Twitter to advocate for C-Murder’s freedom. C-Murder, real name Corey Miller, was accused and convicted of the murder of 16-year-old Steven Thomas and was sentenced to life in prison. C-Murder has maintained his innocence throughout the trial and new information emerged in 2018 revealing that two key witnesses recanted their statements. 

“The jury convicted Corey 10-2 and he was sentenced him to life in prison. If his trial was today, the jury would have had to be unanimous for him to be convicted,” Kim tweeted yesterday. The U.S. Supreme Court previously announced their decision that juries must come to a unanimous decision for serious crimes. “Since his trial, witnesses have recanted, new evidence of his potential innocence has come to light, and there are claims of jurors being pressured into voting to convict,” she added in the following tweet.

This prompted many of hip-hop’s most prominent figures to chime in on Kim’s announcement. Boosie showed his support as well as Meek Mill who took to the ‘Gram to send a simple message in support of Kim’s advocacy for Miller’s freedom. “#freecorymiller off the rip!” He captioned a post that included a photo of C-Murder behind bars.

Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian have previously met up to discuss prison reform initiatives. Meek serves as the founding partner and co-chair of REFORM Alliance alongside Van Jones, Jay-Z, Robert Kraft, and more.