Logic is fresh off of the release of his final studio numbers that ended up doing insane first week numbers. No Pressure is Logic’s retirement album and he’s been on a press run discussing everything that’s been going on in his life. Following Joe Budden‘s apology, Logic said that Joe Budden’s words make people want to kill themselves. Joe, ultimately, said he has no intention of apologizing to Logic.

In Logic’s latest interview with Complex, he made it clear that he actually has no problems with Joe Budden, even if the Mood Muzik rapper has shit on him in the past.

“I love Joe Budden. Joe Budden is my brother, he’s my older brother,” Logic said. “And regardless if he hates me or not, we are part of the same family tree of hip-hop—the same roots of hip-hop. I’ve never met Joe Budden, I’ve never shaken Joe Budden’s hand, we’ve never had a conversation. He does not know me personally.” 

While Joe Budden’s downplayed the effects of his words, Logic said that the continuous barrage of insults from this one individual has made him “contemplate some dark shit.”

“For the last few years, every time I do anything, it’s this guy telling me that I’m shit, that I’m not good enough … and when somebody says that all the time, you’re just like, ‘Damn. Really? What did I do to this guy?'” Logic said. “And then I also realized that Joe Budden was a damaged person  — I’m a damaged person. I’ve gone through a lot of shit. He’s got a lot of anger inside of him, and if I’m his punching bag, so be it. If I can help him in some way, cool. If him shitting on me makes his day better, by all means. I wish he was nicer, I guess.”

“But I’m not over here losing sleep,” he continued. “I really love this guy, and I wish him the best, and I just want him to be happy.”