Lil Yachty has been a pretty fun person to follow on TikTok. Before the app gets shut down — Donald Trump said he has issued an executive order to ban it in the United States — the rapper went out with one last hurrah, getting his hair styled to look like somebody’s auntie and getting the world to smile with him.

“I ain’t gone lie my TikTok was never supposed to get out now that it’s been found I am embarrassed,” wrote Lil Boat on Twitter following the release of his new TikTok. In it, he shows off his brand new bob haircut, styling it to the side and looking pretty ridiculous. 

“THIS JUST SENT ME INTO ORBITTTTNSIWNDIDJEJSJDUSURUDD,” wrote one commenter, who got retweeted by Lil Yachty. The rapper also retweeted a thread of his best moments on the app.

Lil Yachty has revitalized his connection to the youth via his position on the social platform, joining Jason Derulo as two of the most-followed celebrities on TikTok. While his content was more spontaneous, he managed to earn a pretty loyal following by showing off some of the dope things in his house, including a touchscreen-operated toaster, a pretty sick couch, and more.



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Are you feeling his haircut?