Denise Bidot has been searching for “the one” for a minute. For the last several weeks, she has used her social media platforms to gush over her new love Lil Wayne, enjoying the honeymoon stage of their relationship. It took a long time for her to find the right guy to fall in love with though.

In her latest post, the supermodel revealed that she had spent the last decade without anyone significant, at least romantically, in her life before Lil Wayne swooped in and swept her off her feet.

“You may have noticed I’ve been more quiet on here lately. I wasn’t down for some of the negativity I’ve seen based on my relationship so I’m choosing to pause living so much on social media & focus more on living irl,” wrote Bidot according to SOHH. “After over 10 years of being single I’m allowing love in and idgaf who has an opinion about it. Also for those of you showing love and being happy for me, I see you and I appreciate you!”

Now that her love life has been amplified in the media, it makes sense that she would want to become a little more private. Still, she’s allowing her rapper boyfriend to post pictures of their intimate time as Tunechi shared a photo of her in bed just as she was waking up.

“Stop sleepin on love,” he wrote as his caption.

Are you a fan of this new couple?