He’s no stranger to a good social media flex, so it comes as no surprise to see Lil Pump showing off his new whip on Instagram. We’ve witnessed as Lil Pump has shared images and videos of himself shopping at exclusive stores, destroying luxury cars for fun, or flashing stacks of cash to prove that money is the least of his problems. This time last month, the “Gucci Gang” rapper reportedly visited TheArsenale in Miami where he dropped $30K on a limited edition Gucci bike, and on Monday (August 17), he returned to Instagram to show off his brand new Rolls Royce Cullinan.

Lil Pump, Rolls Royce
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

This particular Rolls is reported to be “the most expensive and luxurious SUV on the market,” and it’s a favorite among celebrities who can afford it. The Blast claims that Lil Pump paid for the $400K cash upfront, but we can’t substantiate those rumors. Pump shared a few photos of his new white whip on IG, and no set of pictures of his new Rolls Royce wouldn’t be complete if Pump didn’t carry an armful of racks. 

“Spent yo lifesaving on a whip 🎁 🎁 Pink slip Lil bitch !! Love u,” Pump wrote in the caption. Check out his Rolls Royce flex below.