Over the past 10 years or so, Lil Durk has helped shifted the game and influence a whole new generation of artists. As drill dominates other regions, such as the UK and New York City, Durk’s influence can be heard across the board. Just last week, the release of Drake‘s “Laugh Now Cry Later” helped put a new set of eyes on him while those who’ve been following him for a minute are excited to see him get the recognition is truly deserves.

In a recent interview with Complex, Durk detailed how the song came about which he described as a one-day process. Beginning from DMs, Durk and Drake would later swap ideas and verses over FaceTime before coming to the final product. However, he did explain why his verse was so short on the track and ultimately, it’s COVID-related.

“Oh, when I sang on the verse, I left. I thought it was done. This was around the time the studio was really tripping about COVID. But when I had left the studio, it was supposed to get mixed the next day. So that being a shorter version was on my end,” Durk explained after revealing there were three different verses he did to the track. Fans have demanded that a version with a longer version of Durk’s hook gets released, the Chicago rapper revealed that Drake, too, wished that happened. “He [Drake] wanted me to go long… Shit, me too. I will fuck around and drop a freestyle now.”

If you’ve been feeling the collaboration, Durk hinted that there could be more tracks with Drake dropping soon. “It ain’t the only one. I’ll leave it at that,” Durk said regarding “the vault.”

Keep your eyes peeled for that freestyle.