There are many who would already declare Lil Baby to be the future, and confidently at that. It’s a difficult point to argue, considering the sheer dominance he seems to be asserting throughout 2020. My Turn continues to hold it down on the Billboard charts, still retaining a top-10 spot with the seventh position locked down. “The Bigger Picture,” an anthem penned in response to the death of George Floyd, has been praised by many as one of the best socio-political hip-hop songs in recent memory. And in response to his rising success, Lil Baby has put his services on the market for a staggering $100k — anything less need not apply.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Luckily, DJ Khaled can foot that particular bill — and with his upcoming album Khaled Khaled currently in the works, the mogul has once again reached out to Lil Baby for a placement or two. You may recall that the pair previously collaborated on both “You Stay” with Meek Mill and J Balvin, as well as “Weather The Storm” off 2019’s Father Of Asahd. Now, it would seem they are once again cooking up, with Khaled flooding his IG page with behind-the-scenes images of their studio session, complete with motivational captions to go around.

“I worked wit a lot Great artist before and I said this last time I work wit lil baby,” writes Khaled. “Lil baby is very special. Keyword VERY.” Of course, his seemingly boundless positivity and willingness self-praise tends to make every one of his collaborations feel similarly important, a testament to his marketing savvy. Check out the pictures below, and while we don’t exactly have a snippet to examine, Lil Baby’s recent run of hits seems to indicate “another one” in inevitable.