This season has been very kind to the Los Angeles Lakers. After missing the playoffs in 2019, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the Lakers squad came through with an incredible campaign that is still ongoing. They have clinched the first-seed in the Western Conference and it seems like they are a lock to make the Western Conference Finals, as long as there are no sneaky upsets along the way. With this being said, the Lakers have struggled with offense while in the bubble and some are starting to grow concerned.

As it turns out, perhaps¬†LeBron’s lingering groin injury from last season could be at fault. According to reporter Bill Oram, James will actually miss the Lakers’ game tonight against the Houston Rockets, as he is dealing with soreness in that area.¬†

With the number one seed already locked up, it’s clear that at this juncture, it is simply unnecessary for LeBron to have to play, regardless. The Lakers have nothing to gain or lose right now, and if they continue to play their stars, they could risk one of them getting injured. It would be much smarter to have everyone well-rested come playoff time.

Hopefully for the Lakers, they will have a fully healthy and rested team once the playoffs start later this month.