This week was a difficult one for ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. Many of you know Wojnarowski for his infamous Woj Bombs where he breaks massive stories pertaining to the NBA. He is extremely good at his job and players throughout the league see him as a trustworthy source who takes the players’ well-being into consideration before carrying forth with his reporting. Unfortunately, Woj has been suspended by ESPN for around two weeks due to an obscene e-mail he sent to Missouri senator Josh Hawley.

Well, as you can imagine, the NBA community is not happy with this suspension and for the last couple of days, #FreeWoj has been trending on Twitter. Yesterday, the league’s biggest star LeBron James decided to join in on the fun as he also tweeted the popular hashtag. Clearly, LeBron is on Woj’s side.

This display of unity shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Woj was indirectly defending some of LeBron’s recent stances and advocacy projects. For instance, Hawley criticized the NBA for kowtowing to China all while not supporting the police. Woj felt like this was a distasteful letter to send the NBA and he responded with how he felt in the moment.

Hopefully, Woj will be back to doing his job in no time.