We are living in very strange times right now. Due to the Coronavirus, we have been forced to stay in our homes in order to avoid any unnecessary contamination. Like all things in life, some people have followed the rules better than others, although if there is one thing for sure, it’s that we would all like just a little bit of normalcy back. Luckily, sports are back which as we all know, is a sign that the times are getting better, at least a little bit.

NBA players are currently in the Orlando, Florida bubble city and the scenes from the experiment have been quite outside of the norm. Case in point, today, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Sacramento Kings, with LeBron only logging 15 minutes of play in the team’s loss. At one point, LeBron knew he wasn’t going to be coming back in the game, so he snuck a sandwich onto the bench, in what led to a pretty hilarious slip on social media.

While the whole act may seem innocuous, it’s still pretty funny as we never really get to see players eat in the middle of a game. The only comparable situation is backup goalies in hockey, who enjoy a couple of hot dogs while sitting on their little stool in the hallway. 

However, when you’re LeBron, you can pretty well get away with whatever you want.