Kevin Durant was roasted back in 2017 after it was discovered that he was using burner accounts to defend himself on Twitter. This led to quite a bit of embarrassment for Durant, who had just come off his first championship win with the Golden State Warriors. Since that time, Durant has been much more direct and in your face with his Twitter use, as he is constantly replying to people with his main account. These replies are typically always snarky, and he isn’t afraid to rub it in someone’s face when he thinks they’re wrong.

Recently, Durant was trolling around on Twitter, when he decided to reply to a fan who referenced his hilarious Twitter use. Durant opted to respond, noting that he refuses to act professionally on the internet and that he likes to do as he pleases. In another reply a little later on, KD said that social media doesn’t affect his life and that for him, it’s nothing serious and simply something to do to pass the time.

Every single day, there are people on Twitter disparaging KD for his decision to join the Warriors in 2016, so it’s not surprising that he’s fed up and wants to clap back. Not to mention, as the millionaire athlete, Durant has all of the power in these situations, which is probably why he feels like it’s not that serious.

Either way, it’s clear we won’t be seeing Durant quit Twitter, anytime soon.