Kevin Durant has had to do a lot of rehabbing since last June when he ruptured his Achilles tendon during the Golden State Warriors NBA Finals series against the Toronto Raptors. Durant has been unable to play this season, although, in the clips we’ve seen of him on the court, it appears as though he hasn’t missed a step, which can only bode well for Brooklyn Nets fans come next season.

During his off-time, Durant has remained fairly busy. In fact, his most recent venture came in conjunction with the release of Drake‘s brand new song with Lil Durk called¬†“Laugh Now, Cry Later.” The epic music video comes across as a huge Nike ad, with Durant taking center stage at times, as he takes on Drake 1-on-1 in what appears to be a darkly lit empty court.

Durant’s cameo in the video is no surprise when you consider how KD and Drake have been friends off the court for quite some time now. Not to mention, Durant is a Nike athlete so it’s only natural that he would participate in such a video.

Fans were quick to mention that Durant is looking healthy in the video and while it’s certainly not an indicator of his NBA readiness, it’s a good sign that he is feeling better.¬†

If you’re a Nets fan, you can’t help but hope that this is a sign of things to come.