Kendrick Perkins has been making a name for himself as a basketball analyst and so far, he has mostly rubbed people the wrong way. The former player has been accused of being a LeBron James stan, mostly because Perkins has a title all thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers star. Whenever Perkins appears on Get Up! or First Take, he has some truly head-scratching hot takes that can sometimes be completely devoid of facts.

Perhaps the best example of this was this morning when Perkins claimed that Michael Jordan wasn’t competing for championships at 35 years old and that LeBron is. Of course, the fact-checkers on Twitter immediately rushed to call Perkins out, notably Jordan historian Jerry Hairston Jr. who correctly pointed out that Jordan was 35 years old when he took down the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals.

Fans were also quick to laugh at Perkins’ error, noting that the former NBA player will say anything to defend LeBron James, even if it isn’t true. Perkins has been a target of critics since the NBA returned to action back in July, but now, it seems like these criticisms are being taken up a notch.

Next time, we’re sure he’ll make sure to have a fact-checker by his side.