Keenan Allen has steadily been one of the most consistent wide receivers in the entire NFL, although unfortunately, he has remained more lowkey when it comes to profile as he plays for a team not many people really think about: the Los Angeles Chargers. Allen is part of the upper echelon of wide receivers, however, the NFL gave him a lower ranking than he clearly wanted. In their latest NFL top 100 list, Allen was placed 77th which was way below many other top wide receivers throughout the league.

As you can imagine, Allen felt quite disrespected about this and decided to voice his displeasure on Twitter. In the tweet below, Allen calls out the likes of Mike Evans, Tyreek Hill, and Chris Goodwin, claiming that he is better than all three of those players. He went on to say that those players are faster than him although he is on another level when it comes to separation.

Many fans seemed to disagree with Allen, especially when it comes to Tyreek Hill. However, it’s important to note that Allen hasn’t had the best quarterback support over the last couple of seasons, which certainly contributes to his weakened stats.

Perhaps this season, Allen will be able to prove himself compared to┬ásome of the league’s biggest superstars.