It’s well known by NBA fans at this point that Paul George struggles when it comes time for the playoffs. The Playoff P nickname has become a huge meme amongst NBA Twitter and now, they are calling him Pandemic P after a string of poor performances with the Los Angeles Lakers. Last night, George and the Clippers sneaked out a win against the Dallas Mavericks to take a 2-1 series lead in their first round matchup. The win was no thanks to George who scored a measly 11 points while Kawhi Leonard had to step in and get 36. 

Over the last two games, George has gone 3-18 from the three-point line and it’s clear that fans are starting to get upset, especially when you consider how many assets the team gave up to bring him on board. However, after the game, Leonard assured fans that the Clippers have George’s back and that they aren’t worried about his slump.

“It’s going to turn around for him and we got his back,” Leonard said confidently. These words are certainly comforting to hear if you are a Clippers fan, although it’s definitely concerning that George has struggled. This Mavericks team is no joke and if it weren’t for a Luka Doncic injury last night, the Mavs could have stolen the game.

As the series continues, it will be interesting to see whether or not George can turn things around.