If there’s one thing that people on both the left and the right have in common, it’s that no one really wants to see Kanye West in office. Nonetheless, Kanye West is going against the wishes of the people in his attempt to step into politics. The rapper announced that he’d be running for president on the 4th of July which initially just seemed like the beginning of a rollout for a new album.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Even though many believed it was too late for Kanye West to campaign, he’s still going strong in his attempt to win the 2020 elections. According to TMZ, he’s currently petitioning to get a spot on the South Carolina ballot and urged his Twitter followers to sign a petition to help the cause. “If you’re a voter in South Carolina, please sign this petition to place me on the ballot Sponsored by Ye 2020,” he tweeted.

The petition reads, “I am signing to put Kanye West on the ballot in South Carolina … Click here to add your signature — YE ’20.”

Out of the 29.8M followers he has on Twitter, Kanye really only needs 10K signatures to be considered as an official candidate of the Birthday Party. ‘Ye’s already made efforts to file documents to the Federal Elections Commission for his candidacy. We’ll see how this whole thing transpires.