What is Kanye West‘s political agenda? That’s the one question the hip-hop virtuoso had yet to answer since announcing his presidential campaign. All we really know is that he’s really against abortion and wants to bring faith into the homes of Americans. 

Robin Marchant/Getty Images 

Earlier this morning, it was reported that he had been booted off of the Illinois ballot after the majority of his signatures were deemed invalid. However, even if he’s not running in his home state, he hasn’t lost hope. TMZ reports that Kanye West has officially shared his political stance on presidential issues. Kanye described these ten points as “Creating A Culture Of Life.”

Kanye takes on stances that appeal to both the left and the right, but arguably, the list is far more left-leaning than one would expect from someone who called Trump his “brother.” Kanye stands strong on the “freedom of religion” stance, which isn’t too surprising. He then goes on to list plans of reducing household debt and student loan debt, as well as restructuring the education system to benefit “at-risk and vulnerable populations.”

Kanye also makes a clear emphasis on reforming both policing and the legal system at large to “provide true justice, equitable for all citizens, regardless of race or ability to defend oneself in court.” He also said that he’d want to eliminate federal sentencing guidelines.

Even as he panders to the right with a promise to “putting Americans’ best interest first and foremost.” he still emphasized a pro-environment stance.

Ye’s also taking donations starting from $20 to $1000. Will you be voting for Mr. West?