Juelz Santana is currently locked up, serving a 27-month sentence after the rapper attempted to board a plane with a gun. Last we heard from Kimbella, in December 2019, she stated that her husband would be coming home during summer 2020– although we still have no proper date or any update since then.

Meanwhile, the condo the couple owns continues to cause them legal troubles. In June of last year, the two were sued for $17k for failing to pay their condo fees. It looks like those fees still haven’t been handled, as the Courts of Glenpointe Condominium Association is coming back to hit Juelz Santana for even more cash this time around.

juelz santana tax lien

Fernando Leon/Getty Images

A new report from Bossip details how Santana has failed to pay his monthly $1,041 fee for the homeowner’s association for the past two years. Now the association is looking to the courts for assistance, asking Santana to cough up all his unpaid fees from July 2018 through March 2020, making for a total of $18,099, adding on to that another $9,375 for “accelerated” maintenance fees that cover him until the year’s end, as well as lawyers fees, special assessments and late charges. This brings us to a grand total of $33,577.

Juelz purchased the home back in 2005. He’s yet to respond to the lien.

We’ll keep you updated as a judge rules on the tax lien.