John Wall has had numerous injuries over the last couple of years which has made it extremely difficult for the Washington Wizards to win games. However, Bradley Beal has proven himself to be an incredible first scoring option which means once Wall comes back, the Wizards could easily contend for a playoff spot. This is an exciting prospect for Wizards fans, although they are certainly wary of rushing Wall back too soon, especially since an Achilles injury is nothing to be messed with.

While Wall won’t be coming back for this season, fans are encouraged to know that he is almost back to his old self when it comes to his workouts. In fact, in his latest workout video, Wall proves to be looking amazing and is still able to effectuate intricate moves out on the court. If you’re a Wizards or Wall fan, this latest video is certainly encouraging.

Without Wall in the lineup, the Wizards have struggled yet thanks to Beal, they are in contention for a playoff spot. Unfortunately, they are seven games back of the Brooklyn Nets for 8th which means they have their work cut out for them if they want to get within four games and force a play-in situation.

Stay tuned for updates on Wall’s recovery as we will be sure to bring them to you.