While one doesn’t tend to associate Joe Rogan with hip-hop music, the same has been said about the multi-talented Post Malone, who recently appeared on the immensely popular podcast. The episode, which aired a few weeks back, spanned over four hours long, with topics ranging from music to the extraterrestrial presences that may or may not be plotting against us. From the sound of it, Posty’s wisdom left quite an impression on Joe, who took to Instagram to praise the singer with some kind words.

Post Malone Joe Rogan

Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images

“I had such a good time getting to know @postmalone,” writes Joe, alongside a pair of themselves sharing a hearty laugh. “Sometimes I find myself laughing in the middle of the day just thinking about some of the shit we talked about. What a cool motherfucker that dude is.” Big praise, considering that some initially thought the pair wouldn’t see eye to eye on a variety of topics. Yet here we are weeks later, and Post Malone’s philosophies have yet to be forgotten.

Say what you will about the singer, who has long fielded criticism over being misclassed as a hip-hop artist (though his new music appears to be moving away from that direction entirely), but everyone who meets him can’t help but sing his praises. Perhaps Post Malone represents the friend we all want to have, — after all, you can’t have Bud Light without Bud. Check out Rogan’s message of support, and if you missed it, catch up on Post Malone’s lengthy appearance on the JRE right here.