James Harden and the Houston Rockets will be starting the postseason at a disadvantage as Russell Westbrook will have to miss the first few games with a quad injury. For now, it remains to be seen how bad this injury truly is, although Westbrook has been lights out for the Rockets this season and his presence will certainly be missed against a team like the Oklahoma City Thunder, who won’t be very easy to knock off.

While speaking to The Athletic, Harden spoke about missing Westbrook and how it’s going to impact the team. While Harden admitted that it’s a loss, he is still confident that he can go out on the court and conjure up some great results for the squad.

Damian Lillard

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“For me, nothing changes no matter who’s on the court,” Harden said. “My aggressive mentality no matter who’s on the floor. What’s missed is his ability to get to the basket, draw defenders in and create opportunities for our team. Not only him but House, Eric is getting into his rhythm, P.J. didn’t play an entire game—it’s our entire group. We’re fully healthy, which we were these first few games, we’re a really dangerous team. We gotta get guys healthy and get them back on the court as soon as possible.”

Westbrook is currently getting treatment on his quad, while a concrete timetable for his comeback is still unknown.